Saturday, July 20, 2024

Metro Gnomes

Past the mobile ministry
Showering our neighbors
With love and blessings.

Deep amidst New Whitman’s blab of scooters, carts
Some mornings the air says 
Coffee roaster been at it all night.

7-day Tire & Brake
Service bay doors up
Racked vehicles apronk.

Cross-pollinating stroller pushers
Back packs, front packs
Three, two, one plus twins.

Gulls making a haul video
At the sweet shop in the historic core
Steamed buns, honey.

O the tandem of teenage lifetime achievement award winners
White halter top, black shorts
The one with ankle monitor peddling.

The #1 ride or die live streaming
Crushing it like peanuts and red peppers
Brown legs all the way up from

Pikachu socks and Chuck’s
Hot 100 fusion style (feels like 107)
Cursing drivers who won’t stop for them.

Same with natives immigrants refugees 
Aglitter with crutches, canes, argent harps
Coonskin cap, crocs. 

Hospital is tagged, library is tagged
Fucking library books be tagged
The priest at the gym working the heavy bag.

Copyright 2024 Randy Stark

Friday, July 19, 2024

The Swiss Army Knife of the Modern Era

Except there is no modern era, not anymore
There’s no modern anything anymore 
Unless you mean wasting diseases,
Population bottlenecks, and traffic
Embolisms that make the buffalo look like geniuses,
All brightsided into chat bots, Abilify and Zoloft.
But wherever you get your podcasts from, 
Africa, or some unsung Scottish village,
Be sure your wireless subwoofer offers plenty of bass 
And hurry: my other ride is your mom.

Copyright 2024 Randy Stark


Wednesday, July 17, 2024

It's the Summer of Savings!

Genre and gender bending.
The Euro Copa of better outcomes.
Mood boards.
Memory tables.
Or is it just the is-ness,
De-aging brokerages,
Rabbit holes?
Shangri-La Vista, baby!

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Caution: Contents May Not Settle

The court struck down
Diss tracks 
And tree planting festivals as tropes
Sparking concern. 

The court cited 
Celebrities you probably didn’t know were celebrities
As well as cannabis gift guides for mom
Bartok’s concerto for two pianos, percussion and orchestra 
And the proprietary entrance wounds
Of a former Swissair flight attendant.

The court said 
Too many surfers
Too few waves
That sucks dude
Although the coconut’s really good, too.

Copyright 2024 Randy Stark


Monday, July 15, 2024

Useful Life

Pedestrian wounded in drive-by vudu.
Somebody’s naked dream partner,
Too good looking to die, too stee.
The face that launched a thousand extra shots.
Transported to local hospital.
I’d rather have like 
A more unlimited future,
Like, what you have.

Copyright 2024 Randy Stark

Friday, July 12, 2024

Belle Epoque

We jetpacked to the 
Ice boat races
Held on the frozen lakes
Of nuclear waste near
Villa Pointe Rancho at Playa Towne Centre Manor Estates.

Appholders enjoy presale access.
Tickets sell out instantly.
I’m lucky I didn’t break my fucking neck.
Well yeah I was fucked up.
All I know is things were happening too fast.


Sunday, July 7, 2024

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Copyright 2024 Randy Stark